Rules for Discussion

I enjoy lively debate. I have been a member of my local debate team for the past two years, and enjoyed a good argument for far longer. But every debate needs rules: Here are a few that I have chosen to set out for my blog.  Take them or leave them, if you want to fight about something follow them.

1 Nothing is xist.  Nothing is racist, sexist, whatever.  It is false, or unsupportable, or unproven or a thousand other better statements to use against any legitimate idea. If it is not false, it is heretical and as such should be praised and celebrated here, a blog founded on irregularity. Antisemetic gets counted as xist, as does bigoted, and throw in words like ‘divisive’ or ‘destructive.’

2 Saying someone else is an idiot is not tolerated. Saying they are a genius with great sarcasm, combined with an extension of their arguments to a logical conclusion, will win you great praise.

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Hello, and Welcome

Hello reader. I don’t know why you have come. I don’t know why you will stay, or why you won’t stay. All I know is logic. Belief is required for all else.
This blog will be divided into the three Ps: Personal, Programming, and Politics.
Personal is the simple life of a libertine who sees nothing wrong with anything consensual he feels like. In it you may find ‘the adventures of bat shit crazy hacker friends,’ ‘musing thoughts on philosophia,’ or even ‘I miss her.’
Programming: I am gaining fluency in Python, and I enjoy hacking at stuff. Here I will talk about coding, debugging, Python, Hacker News, Reddit, and whatever other Techie thoughts cross my head.
Politics: I love politics. I plan to go to Uni to study it.
Who am I? I am a Western, English speaking 16 year old cis male. I am an avid reader with an excellent memory, a fool and a philosopher, a lover and a debater, and one stubborn guy.
What I don’t tolerate:
1 Anything DH2(DH1 can be used to call suspicion, IE “of course the paid expert would say that, they are a paid expert’ is acceptable if only part of a broader argument). DH0 earns you the ban hammer. Anything in DH3 should be cited. If you don’t understand what I just said, go here
2 Anything that says ‘All Xs are Y’, IE ‘All women are weak.’ If you say ‘most women are weaker than men’ and back it up with a study, I am happy. I don’t care how politically incorrect your facts are, I like them.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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