Rules for Discussion

I enjoy lively debate. I have been a member of my local debate team for the past two years, and enjoyed a good argument for far longer. But every debate needs rules: Here are a few that I have chosen to set out for my blog.  Take them or leave them, if you want to fight about something follow them.

1 Nothing is xist.  Nothing is racist, sexist, whatever.  It is false, or unsupportable, or unproven or a thousand other better statements to use against any legitimate idea. If it is not false, it is heretical and as such should be praised and celebrated here, a blog founded on irregularity. Antisemetic gets counted as xist, as does bigoted, and throw in words like ‘divisive’ or ‘destructive.’

2 Saying someone else is an idiot is not tolerated. Saying they are a genius with great sarcasm, combined with an extension of their arguments to a logical conclusion, will win you great praise.


About wanderinggeek

Just an old fashioned geek kid, sung in perfect two part insanity.
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